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Henry VII, King of England (1457-1509)

  • The son of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond and Margaret Beaufort
  • In 1485 defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field and ascended the throne as the first monarch of the Tudor dynasty
  • In 1486 married Elizabeth of York, the Yorkist heiress; their eldest son, Arthur, predeceased his father
  • Enlarged Greenwich Palace and rebuilt Sheen Palace (burnt in 1497) as Richmond Palace
  • At Windsor Castle, built the nave and vaulted Edward IV’s Quire in St George’s Chapel, rebuilding the Lady Chapel, and added a range at the west end of the north front of the Upper Ward
  • Added new Lady Chapel to Westminster Abbey (Henry VII Chapel)
  • Made considerable additions to the (Old) Royal Library
Reigned: 1485–1509 



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